Feb 3, 2010

Associazione Polisportiva Dilettantistica Oulx

The Association aims to provide Citizen and Tourists to the City of Oulx and the Upper Valley of Susa opportunity to occupy her free time with the practice of many sports. Particular attention is directed to the sport for children start-up, putting the emphasis on fun and  motor by promoting the assembly ansocial development. Our Association works through the work of volunteers and has not in any way, for profit. The funding, which comes from the contribution of the Local Council of the City of Oulx, by subscription of  Members attending our activities and the help of some few Supporters, is fully employed in the organization and conduct of sport and the  maintenance and enhancement equipment donated  them.
The Oulx Association is also affiliated with National Sport Federation of sport offered and registered with C.O.N.I. , thus providing the best guarantee of correctness, secutity and transparency in the organization of activities.